New Syllabus 2005 – English Language For Secondary Schools, Form I – IV

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Tanzania is amongst African international locations, which right after independence started out to take measures on schooling traits through policies method, opinions, changes, and enhancements. These measures encompass curriculum design and improvement for schools to satisfy country wide goals on schooling. English as one of the topics taught in all training tiers from number one college to tertiary level, its curriculum and coaching has being long gone the ones modifications because then. In viewing and studying the English syllabus used in Tanzanian faculties in particular in everyday stage now, we have to see the modifications of closing syllabus, which caused the current syllabus we have these days. The ultimate syllabus was delivered in 1996 and used up to 2005 where the contemporary gmat syllabus was introduced in use from January. The syllabus was advanced to satisfy the needs, challenges and shortcomings of the previous one. Students were given more activities; the syllabus makes a speciality of student abilities in place of the former one, which attention more on contents. The syllabus was challenged that it did no longer deliver competences that is why the usual of English has declined dramatically through the years, and the main cause of this decline is the inadequate teaching of English in faculties following the English language syllabus. This become visible by using Allen K. (2008) in ‘What happened to our true English? And wrote:

‘Syllabus and textbooks have caused this… Secondary faculty students most effective fare marginally better, and but secondary and tertiary training is all in English. They can be capable of interact in simple dialogue however generally only when they have requested for the question/sentence to be repeated at the least once. Again, fluent, complex structures are in the main no longer understood at all. Written English is a greater hassle. How many secondary school college students write the almost nonsensical ‘How are you? On my side, I’m high-quality and happening nicely with my each day sports’. Recently speakme to university graduates who have been embarking on put up-graduate studies their loss of self assurance within the language become striking. To make communique I needed to undertake very simple systems at a totally slow, unnatural velocity’.

This become additionally earlier seen through Cripe C & Dodd W. (1984) that cautioned the authorities to work on a totally new syllabus for English language coaching in colleges. Such a syllabus should remember the fact that many greater scholars progress to secondary faculty from number one college with out facing English language precise foundation.

In that view, this paper examine the current syllabus, by using a number of the standards including appropriateness, feasibility, software, adequacy, content, method, scope and consistency between grades. Others are internal consistency, clarity, and up-to-datedness. These standards could be on its shape, targets, strengths and weaknesses that avail. It is crucial to do so a good way to improve the standard of English in Tanzania as talent inside the language. This is because teachers as most important guides for guidance in their classrooms use countrywide English syllabuses and in examinations. The syllabus become designed and prepared via Tanzania Institute of Education underneath the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.


Before the analysis, the definition of syllabus is given as the precis of the path; generally comprise unique records approximately the course. (www.Counselingcenter.Uiuc.Ed). Collins Essential English Dictionary defined syllabus as an define or summary of the principle factors of a text or a course examine. Syllabus evaluation is the assessment of the quantity of the syllabus (www.Counselingcenter.Uiuc.Ed). So the purpose is to assess the best of it advanced through the institution.

The main areas analyzed in this ordinary degree English syllabus are pinnacle cover, again cover, within the top cowl, component one and part two of it. The top cover present the name beginning with United Republic of Tanzania on top then Ministry of Education and Culture now modified to Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, followed by using English Language Syllabus for Secondary Schools, Form I – IV, 2005. Inside the cover on page (ii) copyright of the ministry is uttered accompanied with the aid of designed and prepared authority and cope with i.E. Tanzania Institute of Education. The subsequent page (iii) is the desk of contents.

The syllabus normally is divided into major parts in which the primary is advent, goals of training in Tanzania, objectives of secondary training, fashionable competence for Form I – IV, standard objectives and agency of the syllabus. The 2nd part consists of competences and objectives of the elegance observed by means of a desk matrix layout, which shows subjects, sub-subjects, specific targets, patterns/systems, contexts/conditions, vocabulary/phrases, teaching/learning strategies, teaching/getting to know materials, exams and variety of durations with academic time.

Introduction of the syllabus is well provided quickly expressing that the syllabus replaces the 1996 English Language edition, which has been phased out. It has been added for implementation from January 2005. The advent might have been greater appealing if it defined extra the principal motives, which led to the phase out or alternate of the previous one. Several inquiry capabilities and a few inquiry tiers are very in short mentioned in the advent; it can be mentioned to shine the component.

The objectives of training in Tanzania are simply stated, meaningful and applicable to Tanzanian context in addition to global. They touch all disciplines of competencies had to the man or women within the international. This is written the equal in all syllabuses for topics in that degree nationally. The targets are challengeable with the supply of resources in schooling each bodily and human infrastructure in totality to cater the needs. In the report presented inside the Conference of Commonwealth Ministers in Halifax, Canada 2000; through the minister of Education and Culture at the time says that; regardless of the government and the personal quarter efforts to offer secondary education in the us of a, the sub-zone had shortage of the science instructors specifically in the rural areas, shortage of laboratories, scarcity of equipments and different simple educational materials… It method that the targets are certainly said but now not easy to gain correctly.

The following section analyses the feasibility of the goals of secondary education in Tanzania. The element started out by means of defining the secondary education as a post number one formal schooling gives to novices who correctly completed seven years of primary schooling and feature met the requisite entry qualification requirements. The targets are said to make the syllabus enforce-capable and viable. However, it carries factors of behaviorists’ processes that emphasize the usage of reinforcement and repetition. The mission is a way to fulfill the programs had to meet those targets. Obanya P. (2006) had seen it and talked about that Africa is still trailing behind other regions of the sector in its effort in the direction of reaching the EFA (Education for All) desires. So to Tanzania among African countries. Further he stated the successes and sustainability of the brand new vision of secondary faculty in African governments show the suitable level of political will…Stepping up the technique of reform, mobilizing the desired sources, making sure a participatory method and many others.

General competences for Form I – IV in part two are applicable and if they’re to be, performed changes are to be seen. Competences have been added to this syllabus to meet the targets of coaching English in secondary faculties with the aid of focusing at the learner-targeted education (LCE) in place of trainer targeted training (TCE) which proved insufficient masterly of language formerly. Allen K; (ibid) supported the transformation and stated that things should have improved within the early 2000s with the opening up of the faculty textbook marketplace to private publishers and the approved multi-textbooks. However, the requirements in coaching English had already declined by means of then, and many teachers have been now not ready a good way to pick out the great books for his or her purposes. Teachers have often taken the multi-textbook machine to mean that they select one ebook from a variety of many, and so they nonetheless successfully simplest use one textbook. In without a doubt feel, standard competences collaborate with national targets.

The syllabus has utility and efficacy this is why popular targets are mentioned to enable the scholar acquires understanding and competencies to practice and use the language in particular settings and exceptional performances. They include talking and writing skills, analyzing capabilities, communication and demonstration competencies. These are form of capabilities which Burt C. Et al (1933) categorised them as talents, standards, relationships and techniques. They said that these 4 classes ought to no longer be notion of a hierarchically related in the gaining knowledge of technique, they’re to large quantity interactive. If a scholar collect the outlined targets thoroughly she/he could be able to use English language in the global of data and verbal exchange technologies. It is truely visible that those targets have been derived from the country wide goals due to the fact they comply with them.

Class stage competences are the statements, which specify the abilties which can be anticipated to be attained with the aid of college students before the class objectives located at the beginning of the content of each magnificence level. Objectives are statements of conduct which are stated at once after magnificence competences to be exhibited by using each scholar at the stop of given elegance. These are doable in a class of a recommended number of students not exceeding thirty 5 in magnificence at a time and with the competence of a trainer. However, in Tanzanian crowded instructions environment of extra than sixty students could be very hard to acquire such targets. Sumra S. (2000) mentioned that the schooling coverage desires to clarify in specializing in ‘inputs’ or ‘outputs’ and the that means of – what’s expected of all instructors and the way this can be monitored and measured. Pre and in-provider needs to be centered on teacher competence. The effectiveness of human and physical infrastructures need to be confident and found out in our faculties in order that the targets are executed.

Class level talents and goals in every Form are not the identical. They are articulated in line with the subjects arrangements in precise Form and the behavioral changes meant. Class level competence is suitable in scope versus students’ capacity stage. The new method shifts the orientation of the content in large part, but now not solely, faraway from the rote memorization of authentic knowledge to a competence based learning, which focuses a lot greater on the knowledge of principles, and the acquisition of capabilities and competences.

The company of topics and sub-topics, which might be in the first and 2nd column of the syllabus layout, shows which are absolutely designed to students capacity. They lessen in quantity sequentially and regular as they go to higher Form. While in Form I, there have been sixteen topics and twenty-4 subtopics, in Form II there have been eleven topics and fifteen subtopics. In Form III and IV, there have been six and five subjects, fifteen and fourteen subtopics respectively. Some topics recur extra than as soon as however in superior shape. For example, ‘Expressing Opinion and Feelings’ regarded in Form I, II, and III. ‘Talking approximately Events’ and ‘Interpreting Literary paintings’ seemed in Form I and II, whilst ‘ Listening for Information from extraordinary Sources’, ‘Reading Literary Work’ and ‘Writing Appropriate Language Content and Style’ seemed in Form III and IV respectively. However, the subjects are consistent and have sequential arrangements. The entire syllabus has credential internal consistency between components and their content scope.

In organizing the subjects and other sub-heading, the shape of the syllabus is in matrix form layout. Form I instructions for example have 16 subjects and twenty-4 subtopics. Both are relevant to their level and the continuity of subjects is maintained hence from easy to tough and there’s a hyperlink among them. The same applies up to Form IV. The goals in each subject matter and subtopics are sincerely articulated from Form I – IV, to meet the behavioral alternate meant. The evaluation of subjects and sub-topics display that there may be continuity inside and hyperlink among topics due to the fact sub-topics are offered below the main topics. This permits a instructor to apprehend and relate the topics with standards and ideas. Change of conduct is taken into consideration at some stage in planning the lesson to teach to make sure the autonomy is attained. Autonomy refers to pupil’s potential to prepare his/her own getting to know sports.

Patterns or systems and form of activities are applicable and adequately in supplying, enough mastering in every Form offered inside the syllabus. It suggests use of range activities consisting of demonstration, dramatization, speak oral and written drills, songs, function-performs and games. These sports deliver a essential position to college students to master language abilities, but, the nature of most Tanzanian crowded lessons and absence of instructors, this is a task to attain efficaciously.

Context/Situations are provided in abundance and this will rely on how the accountable teacher opts to them depending on the herbal placing of learning surroundings. Natural setting assist the students the know-how of capabilities they obtain of their surroundings even after school. Vocabularies and phrases choice provided are sufficient and applicable to the level of college students.

The syllabus is ok due to the fact in teaching and getting to know techniques at some point of the syllabus, college students are intended to increase absolutely speaking, writing, listening and arguing capabilities. They are effectively supporting the freshmen to reap the targets. It is recommended that the listing isn’t always exhausted that the instructor will use greater strategies depending on the needs wherein important. These include ear schooling, pronunciation and writing via using directives given in styles/structures in 1/3 column of the syllabus.

There is no doubt approximately coaching and studying materials because they are properly supplied and cautioned. The most effective mild doubt is that in rural areas, it might be tough to get entry to on television, video and audio cassettes due to scarcity of power supply but with initiatives, it can be solved out. The stages of inquiry require college students so as to do some thing inside the evaluation and that is thoroughly articulated in the component. There are a hundred and eighty 4 durations in a 12 months, which shows at least there are seven intervals in Form I and II; six durations in per week for Form III and IV. Each duration is forty minutes.

The syllabus does not provide pointers, advice, or alternative program or prospectus to be used together or in place of itself. Again, it does no longer offer a listing of selected text and reference books. It would be higher if at the least five textbooks and five reference books could be suggested in every topic. The national English syllabus serves as one of the major assets for English coaching and gaining knowledge of in secondary faculties. Each teacher is given a replica of the country wide syllabus as a guide for the scope and intensity of the content material to be taught.

Inquiry is explicitly emphasized in the tests section in the secondary faculty syllabus. This syllabus aims at stimulating students’ curiosity and feel of enquiry to be able to in flip not most effective provide suitable foundation for in addition examine of the subject however additionally offer students with sufficient understanding and information to lead them to emerge as beneficial and confident citizens. The essence of such an enquiry is related to problem solving and reflecting on present day agency. During the route, college students must gather language abilties related to language competences. Students have to increase second language attitudes along with open mindedness and willingness to understand alternative language abilities of view. Moulali S. (2006) stated that the primary goal of schooling exceptional improvement is to have a marketplace responsive curriculum, with an green and effective delivery machine that permits the recipient to turn out to be confident in cutting-edge organization.

In the evaluation also, the trainer is required to make sure that scholars are assessed in all goals into issues of mastering consequences. It is explained that evaluation presents room for fairness as well as improving students’ improvement of excessive stage of thinking. The teacher have to determine students in all language talents the usage of paper pencil assessment, interviews, commentary, portfolios, initiatives and questionnaires. These are the maximum techniques for active and participative mastering. Active learning or learner-targeted schooling (LCE) is taken into consideration an powerful antidote to the superiority of instructor-centered educational classroom practices, which is widely claimed to guide passive getting to know, and the stifling of essential and innovative thinking (Rowell and Prophet 1990). The promotion of LCE is at once related to excessive development targets, including economic improvement, or social restructuring. LCE fits well current pedagogical beliefs for focusing at the provision of a platform for developing expertise, abilties and talents for innovation, social improvement and monetary growth. LCE calls for a circulate from the generally natural content material mastering and the memorization of facts to the potential of gaining knowledge of-to-research, to the inclusion of methodological and social competencies and abilities into the gaining knowledge of technique, to the know-how of accepted better order concepts.


In totality the syllabus is nicely prepared and offered efficiently to meet the supposed results. It has the suited components of satisfactory, continuity, autonomy and discussion. It is likewise updated due to the fact it’s miles applicable to modern scenario of the country and the arena as an entire. Such modern troubles encompass HIV Aids in Form II, ozone layer depletion international warming and environmental conservasation in Form III.

The targets and competences are without a doubt constructed and said to meet supposed results which include national and character dreams in English language competencies. Language is important for everyone to talk and that is where the access to cognitive competencies, knowledge, technologies, attitudes and values can be received. The objective of this syllabus is to have a responsive curriculum that addresses the talent desires of the populace and an efficient and effective delivery gadget of the curriculum. This might mean an adequate and qualified quantity of instructors, as well as sufficient and suitable coaching and getting to know materials O-saki, K., & A. Ndabili. (2003). They must be available in all colleges to raise scholar fulfillment, and suitable mechanisms for checking out mastering skills. This is a challenge in Tanzanian context however (World Bank Report 2007) said that to gain training purpose emphasis need to be directed in expanding centers via the supply of development offers to colleges. Policy measures inclusive of elevating the average wide variety of college students per teacher, growing the average wide variety of coaching periods in line with week, increasing elegance size, in particular at higher secondary, expanding open and distance studying packages, lowering lessons prices by way of 1/2, and offering scholarships to students from bad family.

As previously referred to the syllabus does not listing some of text and reference books to apply at the least 5 every Form. This is left to highschool administration and difficulty trainer to pick out numerous books to apply. This is a excellent choice however the undertaking is; can all colleges control to shop for those books in line with the needs? The solution is not any even non-public colleges no matter their faculty prices series can not affect their textbooks wishes. African Development Bank, (2000) remark that the majority supply of textbooks to faculties became determined to be inefficient as the supply of the books is not usually primarily based on accurate records approximately the colleges. This method of providing textbooks additionally does now not inspire the flourishing of nearby publishers and local book suppliers. Under SEDP (secondary training development application), the schools are receiving capitation grants which they use for the acquisition of studying and teaching materials, together with textbooks. This permits the colleges you bought the books they need and inside the portions they are able to afford, however not the endorsed needs.

The assessment segment of the syllabus nation that on the give up of Form IV students are predicted to do an normal achievement assessment meant to decide the extent to which the goals of English route had been attained. This can be attained if in all ranges of coaching and gaining knowledge of system, (LCE) changed into adhered with sufficient deliver of getting to know materials. Several research indicate that implementation of LCE within the school room is elaborate (Jansen 1999; Chisholm 2000; Leyendecker 2002; Ottevanger 2001). Where Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) countries have attempted to enforce learner-targeted training, the actual instructional strategies have been in large part a ways removed from the right. One of the issues is that the trainer is appeared by using the societies and culturally determined understandings of authority and teaching, such as college students’ perceptions, because the provider of expertise and the bearer of authority. These perceptions and the ensuing school room conduct will now not exchange in a single day. Although Prophet’s report dates again to 1995, his commentary that teachers as a substitute adapt their teaching to fit their and their college students “world view” and perceptions on coaching, is constantly repeated and supported by way of different studies.

Another challenge is that, contrary to the pedagogical ideal, the significant majority of college students aren’t very energetic and visible, probable due to the fact they’ve by no means given the hazard. Although there is little research approximately students’ reports of curriculum reforms, numerous comments and observations, factor to the reality that scholars battle with their new roles, which they are assigned by using the supposed curriculum changes. Students often percentage with teachers a commonplace belief approximately what it approach to teach, and are proof against adjustments now not becoming this notion. What is greater, students’ attitudes regarding studying and discipline have embraced components of global adolescents cultures. Students welcoming the outlet of school rooms and the change from strict study room organization and subject, have issues in meaningfully filling the introduced space and freedom. Students are effective influencers of trade, and may be obstructive if the specified attitudes and academic practices do now not fit their expectations. This is happening in numerous secondary faculties in our country. Both student and teachers cannot jump from the present day lecture room scenario and culture to a perfect perfect conduct. It desires transitional time for modifications to be instilled in the thoughts of teachers and students. However, each can gradually develop and adapt to the new roles which are useful to coaching and learning. For one of these manner of boom to take location, support systems have to to be to be had, however those are frequently absent or very limited in scope and time traces.

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